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Haas Garage Doors

Haas Door is a leading name when it comes to garage doors. Visit their website or reach out to us for further information about Haas garage doors in Tampa, FL.

Garage Doors: The Best Return on Investment

Replacing your garage door is the single best home improvement project when it comes to your payback. According to the 2019 Cost Versus Value Study coordinated by Remodeling Magazine, a garage door replacement returns a whopping 97.5% of the investment cost for a homeowner. That's the highest recoup value of any home improvement project in the study. To put it plainly, if you invest $3,000 in a garage door, $2,949 of that is added to the value of your home.

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

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Create the Perfect Door For Your Home With Haas Create

  1. Garage doors are a critical part of your home's curb appeal. Whether you're looking to stay or sell, your home's overall appearance benefits from a new garage door.
  2. On a daily basis, your garage door is often the single most used door in your home. Having a newer garage door makes it more pleasant to exit and re-enter your home. Plus, a more modern door can be safer and more reliable than an older door that is past its prime.
  3. Newer garage door models are more energy-efficient than older versions. With more insulating value, today's garage doors help you save on your home energy bills.
  4. Today, steel and aluminum garage doors are made more durable than ever and are available in endless style options, from deeply embossed wood grains to custom colors. A new garage door can be ordered to complement any home's exterior.
  5. They enhance your home's privacy without sacrificing style. Decorative and specialty glass windows are available in a wide range of styles, including obscure glass options to protect your privacy.