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Top 5 Tampa Garage Door Repair Tips

Have you recently discovered that your garage door isn’t working properly? If so, you may find our Tampa garage door repair tips quite useful, and save some money and headache in the process. Keep in mind that the best way to avoid costly repairs is with proper garage door maintenance. Listed below are five common Tampa garage door repair issues, and their solutions.


Repair Tip #1 - Squeaky or Loud Garage Door

The first step is to check the tracks and rollers of your garage door. Look for any debris that could be causing the door to make noise. Once you’ve given your door a once over, using a rag, apply a lubricant onto the garage door tracks. Then open and close the door until the squeaky noise has stopped. Finally, wipe off any excess lubricant from the tracks and rollers. You can buy garage door lubricant from your local hardware store.


Repair Tip #2 - Garage Door Remote Not Working

First, replace the remote's battery. If this is not the issue, make sure the antenna from the opener is hanging down, and that you are within range when attempting to use it. If that doesn’t work, try to reprogram the remote. If this still doesn't work, you may need a new remote.


Repair Tip #3 - Garage Door Will Not Open or Close

Check the garage door opener's power source, circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI. Verify that the garage door opener is plugged in correctly. If this is not the issue, check the tracks to make sure they are not bent, and the belt or chain used to pull the garage door to make sure it is not broken. If the issue appears to be mechanical or electrical, we highly recommend letting one of our expert garage door repair technicians make the necessary repairs for you.


Repair Tip #4 - Garage Door Will Not Close Completely

Clear anything that may be obstructing the photocells or electric beams. Make sure the beams are aligned with one another, and clean the lens of the photocells. If this does not correct the issue, then the close limit switch or close force setting may need adjusting. We recommend having one of our Tampa garage door repair technicians adjust these for you.


Repair Tip #5 - Broken Spring or Cables

Contact us immediately. We highly recommend not trying to replace these components yourself. The high tension of the springs and cables could cause great bodily injury if handled improperly. Please call us today to schedule an appointment and one of our highly trained Tampa garage door repair technicians will quickly and conveniently make the necessary repairs.

Top 5 Garage Door Repair Tips


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